100% Arabica Coffee Beans

$ 4.5

Kothmale Single Origin Premium 100% Arabica Roasted Coffee Beans

Whole beans

 100% Arabica


Medium City - 17/12/2019


100G - LKR. 350 ( Min quantity 12 )

250G - LKR. 855/= ( Min quantity 12 )
1KG - LKR. 3050/= ( Min Quantity 6 )

For Bulk orders the price can be Negotiated!

Characteristics :Unique balance of body, acidity, fruitiness and bitter notes combined..
Medium Roast : Intense aromatics, good body and lively acidity with a touch of fruitiness.
Medium city Roast : Has a smoky pungent earthy flavor profile with traces of surface oil.

Area of Production : Kothmale - Srilanka
Harvest : September 2019
Made from the finest hand Picked high grown single origin - Kotmale Arabica Coffee beans strictly following the wet process of Coffee processing Method!

Please note :
* All our products are 100% Srilankan Made and free of Artificial Coloring, flavoring or additives for Healthy Living!
* Our Coffee berries are directly bought from farmers who practice organic cultivation methods under the guidance of Department of Export Agriculture processed, roasted by us and brought to your doorstep..
* In order to retain freshness and flavor our Coffee is roasted in small batches each month using traditional method of Coffee Roasting.