Ceylon Chilli Powder unroasted

$ 2.63

Highest quality Srilankan Red Chilli

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250G - Rs. 175/- Rs. 160/= ( Min quantity 12 )
1KG - Rs. 540/= Rs. 490/= ( Min Quantity 6 )

Characteristics :Unique Spicy pungent Chilli flavour comprising the right balance of sweetness, heat, fruitiness and freshness
Area of Production : Kilinochchi - Srilanka
Harvest : August 2019

Area of Production : Kilinochchi - Srilanka
Production : Once a month to retain freshness and flavours.

Excellent addition to all Curry dishes, Marinades, Sauces, Home made Chilli paste and many more..

Please note : All our products are 100% Srilankan Made and free of Artificial Coloring, flavoring or additives for Healthy Living!