Ceylon Black Pepper Powder

$ 7.75

" The King of Spices "

" The King of Spices "
The highest graded pepper in the world is (Srilankan) Ceylon Pepper due to high piperine content which is between 8% to 10%.

* Black Pepper Powder - Fine ground
* Black Pepper Powder - Medium Ground ( Pieces)

Characteristics :Unique pungent flavor and aroma.
Area of Production : Kothmale - Srilanka
Harvest : September 2019

*Mix black pepper pieces with extra virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and use as a dip with bread/ french bread.

Please note : All our products are 100% Srilankan Made and free of Artificial Coloring, flavoring or additives for Healthy Living!
Products are directly bought from farmers who practice organic cultivation methods under the guidance of Department of Export Agriculture and brought to your doorstep..