Ceylon True Cinnamon - Genus Cinnamomom

$ 2.5

" The Queen of Spices "

Srilankan Cinnamon is the Most Genuine and flavorful of the Cinnamon in the World and therefore it is called the "True Cinnamon".

Cinnamon Sticks/ Quilling
Retail / Wholesale
C5 : 250G - Rs. 980/- Rs. 880/= ( Min quantity 12 )
1KG - Rs. 3500/= Rs. 3150/= ( Min Quantity 6 )

Characteristics :Unique Spicy Sweet Mellow Woody flavour with Strong Aroma.

Area of Production: Elpitiya at an elevation of 800 feet.
Harvest : Manuel Harvest June 2019

Cinnamon has many uses in the culinary sector in Bread, Cakes, Puddings, desserts, Jams as well as Curry powder, Paste and even used to flavor rice..

Please note : All our products are 100% Srilankan Made and free of Artificial Coloring, flavoring or additives for Healthy Living!

* Cinnamon Sticks – Alba, C5 Special and C 4
* Cinnamon Powder – Ground C 5
* Cinnamon Oil
( prices will be provided on request )