Frequently Asked QuestionsCeylon Coffee & Spice by " Ammirato"

Who is Ammirato ?

Ammirato is and Italian/Srilankan company owned by Dr. Claudio Ammirato ( Italian ) and Kanishka Adrian Perera ( Srilankan ). Together we have formed an unique alliance to introduce the best of the food products from both World's. 

Did you know Srilanka produced the Finest Coffee in the World in the 1800s?

Ceylon Coffee is once again making it’s way to the Top of the World!

Ceylon Spices has even an older story to it.. from the Arabs to the Chinese to the Europeans set foot in Srilanka ( Ceylon) to explore Spices.. Why such a demand?? The Spices of Ceylon were regarded as the best in the World!

Srilanka’s terroir or in another word the Topography, Soil, Landscape, Climate, Precipitation, and the bio diversity is the perfect natural environment for the higher quality of the Coffee & Spices that are grown in the country.

Why Should I buy Ceylon coffee from Ammirato?

Ammirato combines with this quality and standards of the Ceylon Coffee & Spices and ensure the freshness, authenticity combined with trade ethics and good practices to bring outstanding results to it’s products. We have outsourced our own team of professionals who constantly carry out checks on products, the conditions and ensure only the freshest and quality until the product reach the customer.

We believe in spending funds in uplifting the lives of farmer communities, their children's education and well being rather than obtaining/buying Certificates spending unnecessary amount of money just to show the standard of our products. After all Srilanka produced the finest products throughout history and exported to the World.

Those who believe in us may book a study tour with us which we are more than glad to show our product tracability from the farmers to our own Ammirato processing Center where we purchase ethically traded Coffee & Spice from the farmers from Kothmale , process at the Center , pack and sell it to the customers Direct. Since we have eliminated the middle man / or intermediatebrokers we can assure and provide you nothing but the best Coffee & Spices in Srilanka.

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